Conditions & Treatments

Conditions & Treatments

Over her many years as a consultant gynaecologist, Miss Kumari has developed a specialist interest in the management of Uterine Fibroids.  Find out more

Menstrual problems can dramatically affect your life. With Miss Kumari, you can feel comfortable communicating your concerns about menstrual issues in order to find a desirable solution. Find out more

Many women never realise that their pelvic pain may have a diagnosis and can be managed.  Miss Kumari offers assessment, investigations and treatment to manage this condition. Find out more

Going through menopause can be confusing, challenging and a source of anxiety to many women. Miss Kumari can help you manage your condition through assessment, advice and appropriate treatment options. Find out more


Colposcopy is a simple and painless procedure that allows your gynaecologist to examine the cervix with a microscope.No part of the microscope itself enters the vagina. Find out more


Hysteroscopy is an endoscopic procedure used to look inside the womb, as well as to treat the underlying problems. Miss Kumari specialises in hysteroscopic surgery. She offers outpatient as well as inpatient hysteroscopy options. Find out more

With laparoscopic or key hole surgery, one can expect smaller scars, faster recovery, reduced pain and a shorter hospital stay. Miss Kumari offers laparoscopy for diagnosis as well as treatment. Find out more


More Conditions & Treatments

Miss Kumari is an experienced clinician and apart from the above specialist areas, she offers assessment and treatment for many other conditions. Find full list of Conditions & Treatments

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